Adventures of a Kid Magician is Zach’s private journal detailing how magic gets Zach both into and out of trouble as he learns life lessons! Along with Zach’s thrilling stories and eye catching sketches, each adventure comes with a secret code that will take you to an exclusive online video of the actual magic tricks used in the adventure! You too will experience the excitement of fooling and impressing your friends with top magician Justin Flom’s creative instruction.

Book is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book and AUTOGRAPHED at Justin's Website!


Follow Zach on his crazy adventures getting in and out of trouble with MAGIC!

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After each chapter you get to learn the secrets to Zach's magic used in the book.

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Professional TV magician, Justin Flom gives you personal instruction thru video.

Justin Flom

Over 100 million people have been entertained by Justin Flom's magic. Justin Flom is a former Kid Magician. Sure, today he’s on hit TV shows and touring sold-out arenas, but he began his career doing the exact tricks you can learn in this book.

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Justin grew up around magic. He learned incredible secrets from his dad, his uncle and a community of magicians that surrounded the Flom family. After years of perfecting tricks in his basement, Justin started on a journey that would take him from Las Vegas to Hollywood and around the world.

Now, Justin’s ready to give you a peek behind the curtain. He hopes that you learn the magic so that you, too, can amaze your friends. In doing so, you’re actually helping Justin achieve his life goal: To make magic and share joy. 

Learn how to amaze your friends through easy to learn but powerful tricks with the AKM Box.  The successful book series Adventures of a Kid Magician is about a kid just like you!  Zach gets in and out of crazy stories using his skill and love of magic.  Join the AKM Box community to start learning and experiencing the wonder the comes with magic.


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